Enjoy The Perks Of A Vehicle Rental

Do you really want to drive a boring vehicle when you go on vacation this summer? The continuing rise of auto expenses such as gas, maintenance and repair costs might not be so budget friendly if you have to spend tons of money before you ever think about making a vacation trip. However you do need a much needed vacation. There is no need to get anxious about pre-trip planning. Renting a car for the vacation could very well be your ticket to paradise.

W hen taking every aspect of the trip into consideration, you simple have to consider gas prices. If your family vehicle is a SUV or minivan you already know how valuable comfort and room can be, but these vehicles tend to be on the gas guzzling side and are real wallet suckers. Your final decision might come down to saving gas expenses and pinching on room and comfort while making the trip in a less than bearable environment.

In addition to gas prices, vehicle maintenance costs might help make the decision. Sure, the sign on the Oil-Change-While-You-Wait-&-Drink-Stale-Coffee station says $19.99, but everyone knows you will almost never get out of there for less than $200 in general maintenance fees. While your car may need more than an oil change, there is a sense that you can fudge a little if you're just driving around town. The 800 mile round trip to grandma's house, on the other hand, requires a precision instrument.

If you have an older car, (one that is no longer under warranty) count on your mechanic to explain why your transmission will blow up in a massive fireball that causes the untimely deaths of millions of innocent travelers, or worse a picture of your car breaking down right in between Bear Mountain and Mountain Lion pass... right at Rattlesnake Junction. Of course, for a mere $1,800 you can avoid all of that, and drive away securely with the knowledge that you've just saved lives.

Ask your self this question; does your vehicle really need all the suggested repairs before their time? That would be insane to do major repairs that show no signs of needing repaired at the time. Automotive installed computers will warn you when there is a problem. You can rent a vehicle and let your vehicle get a vacation as well. Any well known rental company will have very well maintained vehicles either new or late model in addition to having a network of roadside assistance to help make your trip as uneventful as possible and being budget friendly so the trip to the parents or grandparents will be one you will cherish year after year.

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